Stem & Glory – A True Vegan Restaurant In All His Glory

Last week we visited Stem & Glory, a 100% vegan business located in Barbican.

This is not the only location this restaurant has, Stem & Glory launching in Cambridge. Following the success of the plant-based restaurant, in 2020 they moved to London and now preparing to open their third restaurant by spring 2022.

Stem & Glory has recently launched a pledge to become carbon negative by the end of the year. Stem & Glory has several initiatives within its restaurants, such as the use of contemporary furniture made from recycled post-consumer waste, and repurposed products, all of which have a significant impact on reducing the emissions of the restaurants.

Let’s now talk about the food itself. Their daily menu is full of choices, from small plates to lunch bowls to large plates, all tasteful cooked and presented in all their glory. We got a chance to try their new menu. Below are some of the highlights you can find:

The Naked Burger is a yes all over, a well-elaborated vegan burger with excellent texture and succulent flavour, minus the gluten and adds purple kraut, avo, seasonal veg and green goddess dressing.

On large plates, we tried the Roasted wedges of aubergine with cauliflower & green beans. It comes tossed in sweet & spicy Szechuan pepper, miso, fava bean paste topped with fresh chillis, spring onions with fermented ginger radish, and kimchi rice.

Our favourite was the King Oyster Bowl. Crispy king oyster mushroom sticks on black rice, novocado, kimchi, capers, samphire, Cherry tomato & green beans all in lemon dressing topped with wasabi mayo and omega seeds… a vegan game changer!

You are probably asking, what the heck is novocado?

Well, as mentioned above, this restaurant pays attention to carbon emotion. That is why for this dish, they used an alternative with the same texture and flavour.

We tried their well-known raw cakes for dessert, and we now know why they are well known!

We tried both favours, raspberry cheesecake and chocolate marble cake. They are made with cashew, and the base is made with oatmeal and coconut oil. The texture and consistency are just like every cake you have ever eaten before, but the taste is exquisite, sweet enough to enjoy, and safe to know that it is entirely vegan and raw cooked.

Definitely, a spot you can not miss out on. We are excited to see how well a business can do not only by serving good quality food, also by paying attention to their footprint and improving their practice daily for a better future.

Address: 60 Bartholomew Cl, Barbican, London EC1A 7BF

Reservation: 020 3990 2034

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