Aqua Shard – Forgotten British Menu

To mark the return of the restaurants in Great Britain, Aqua Shard has launched their new ‘Forgotten British Menu’, to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. 


We’ve all been itching to get back to the food we love once again and that time has finally come. We visited Aqua Shard upon the release of their new menu to celebrate the variety and flavours of British produce and cuisine. From Kentish lambs to Scottish lobsters. All their ingredients are sourced from inside the UK, providing that freshness and quality that is guaranteed by the produce our small island has to offer.

When walking in there was electricity in the air. A buzz of excitement that Aqua Shard was open and running like clockwork. People were happy to be there as well as the ever attentive and friendly staff. All of which were wearing masks as it was clear that safety regulations were being followed very tightly. We felt safe and at ease whilst inside the restaurant at all times as we could sit back, relax and enjoy the experience as if it were 6 months earlier. We had nifty QR code menus to access with our phones which made menu viewing safe as well as easy.

As always, the views from the restaurant are some of the best London has to offer. Whether you are a long-time London resident or are only paying a visit to the capital, the view from Aqua Shard is a must-see. 

It was clear from the start about the attention to detail Aqua Shard had placed on their re-opening. The layout of the tables, the lighting and the specially crafted menu was spot on for capturing the best bits of the Great British palette. The food was exquisite. Starting with the duck, through to the lobster, the lamb and finally the Windemere tart.

Each one standing out with traditional yet bold flavours. Each course is complemented wonderfully with sauces, be that mustard or an onion puree. The presentation on each dish is nothing short of delicate and delightful. You really believe each chef in that kitchen is an artist at work, producing an individually crafted masterpiece every time a dish is served. It really is a must-try if you want to sample the best Britain has to offer. 


We cannot wait to visit there again to see what other masterpieces Aqua Shard have invented to wow and amaze our tastebuds. If you want to check out their menu you can do so here



Phone: 020 3011 1256

Address: Level 31, The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY

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