Come and have fun with Mama: The coolest shelter in London.

Mama Shelter, stylish hotel, restaurant and bar, based in Bethnal Green. Visiting here serves up an incredibly fun experience! From location, to decor and charm, to cocktails and karaoke.

Looking for a splash of life? Mama Shelter’s mood exudes a vibrant, quirky feel. Absolutely full of character, something not often seen by other hotels in this price range. 

Insta worthy? Heck yeah. The restaurant area continues the theme of cheeky charm. With classic lamps, side tables and sofas making up the decor of the main dining area. The jewel in the crown, however, is the courtyard bar with the glass roof. Providing that perfect photo lighting, perfect for a cute lunch meetup.

Scrumptious? Certainly. The menu offers a variety of choices across its brunch, lunch, dinner and set menus. However, it does not overdo the menu with over the top, unnecessary choices, striking that perfect balance of adventurous but still comforting.

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