Hicce, Coal’s Yard.

Simple and stunning from an ambitious and talented duo.

Hicce is a modern restaurant in Coals Drop Yard, Kings Cross London. From the Great British Menu 2007 winner, Pip Lacey with business partner Gordy McIntyre have created the ultimate dining experience with a menu highlighting Pip’s passion and skill for using the barbecue. From toasted home-made rye bread with cured meats and homemade pickles, to fish, meat and veg hot stick cooked over specialist holm oak charcoal.


Pip uses traditional techniques to create beautiful dishes inspired by her travels and driven by her commitment to the very best produce. Gordy is fantastically knowledgeable about drinks and you can expect a carefully curated list of biodynamic wines, craft beers and original cocktails chosen to bring the best out of every plate. 

Hicce ticked all the boxes for me, food, drink, service, location etc. Although before we get onto that, let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Is it pronounced “Hicky?”, “Hissy?”, “Hitch?”… Not quite, it’s “Ee-chay”. A simple name, enigmatic of the style and class this beautiful restaurant exudes. A neutral colour pallet layout with brickwork walls, Hicce pictures are preferable for more minimalist Instagram feeds! 

Food-wise, Hicce was very on-trend for the style Pip and Gordy (the creators of Hicce) are aiming for. Even the menu presenting you with very straight forward options, the choice of three types of meat, three different types of fish and three vegetarian dishes. As if to say, “pick which one you like and we’ll do the rest, trust us”. You can immediately tell their ingredients are second to none, very fresh. Presentation is beautiful. Small plates but densely packed, so I left full to the brim. All plates with dashes of sauce and garnish, aptly chosen for each respective dish. Placing your trust in the chefs definitely pays off. 

The cocktails are delightful. Again, nothing over the top. As they say on the menu “combining the familiar with the unique”, something that I feel encapsulates Hicce down to a tee. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, from waiters to chefs to owners. Their warming demeanour makes me want to go back for further visits in itself. Overall a delightful experience, one that I hope to do again soon. 

Address: Unit 102, hicce x Wolf & Badger, Stable St, London N1C 4DQ

Menu: hicceathome.slerp.com
Reservation: hicce.co.uk

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