Last Nights of Havana, Tobacco Dock

Warm Summer night spent in Havana… I mean Tobacco Dock.

This characteristic Summer pop-up bar certainly delivers that Cuban fun and flair to a night out. A 1940’s/ 50’s theme, this funky bar is perfect for a boogie. From jazz to samba to Latin-influenced DJs that pump up the beats the later you get into the night.


The cocktails are the name of the game at Last Nights of Havana, with a speciality for rum. The entire vibe of the place makes it so diverse for whatever the occasion. Be it an after works event with a group or a Latino twist from the regular date night. 


Entertainment certainly comes in the form of music and dancing. With live bands and salsa dancers loosening up the crowd and infectiously getting your dancing shoes revved up. Honestly, it’s harder not to get swept up in the cacophony of music and lights… The cocktails also help with that too. I had such a fun time at Last Nights of Havana, a truly exotic and energetic time! 

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