Ask for Janice, Farringdon

Ask for Janice, Farringdon

Looking for a cute lunch spot in Farringdon that isn’t overwhelming and expensive? Ask for Janice

The cute, artsy restaurant is a quaint and quirky place to visit. Ask for Janice is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively as they have plenty of hanging plants inside too. Yet the restaurant presents itself in a relaxed yet funky manner, with a rustic feel in the chairs, steel support beams and artwork around the walls. It had a varying mix of people, from people in suits on their lunch-break to cordoroy and Doc Martin wearing locals. It had a great bustle to it, like it was a very happening and hip place to be.

Onto the food. The owners of Ask for Janice had done great with picking a menu that was consistent with the look and feel of the restaurant. A mix of inventive and solid options, yet with little twists to make them unique and special. For example, we ordered the classic cheeseburger and potato and salmon dish, topped with a fried egg. The burger for example had the cheese inside of it and a bonemarrow butter, very delicious and inventive.


See what I mean about the quirks? They had us intruiged and wanting more if we weren’t so full. Great thing was the portions were well sized, especially since I had a side of garlic fries too, again, something so good but also presented in a different way to what I had normally known. 

Servers were very friendly and we can’t have any complaints about the speed of service either. In all, a delightful and tasty trip. Check out Ask for Janice to find out for yourself!

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